Kisses. Awkward at first. And then. . . poetry. Your lips talk in languages I have always known but never dared whisper. Unlock me. 
Unlock these unspoken bars caged within the chastity of my mind.
Free me. 
Like an animal, in silence, pull me closer with your eyes, and unhinge this dullness- break into me.
Like the summer rain. Like the winter tide, like the curling of a wave between my lips, as I case them upon yours. 
Taste me.
Let my name pour through the atmosphere of our coupling that when our lips do part, you can still feel me. 

The essence of your soul concentrates into madding moments of unplanned sorcery. You have to be magic.
I can tell by the way our tongues paint secrets against each other that only we can uncover this mystery.

At first I hesitate until I let it take over me. love. monsters. madness. 

The difference is poetry.  


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