I Can Walk


Step onto wet. Feet try to soak the taste of rain, but it only slips away from me. The body inches out of it its chassis, there’s a dance breaking out from within, and it wreaks of freedom.

This mind salivates at the possibility.

Inside, colours twirl in a slow, thickening, melting, oozing and passionate mating with grey. Darkness turns seductively into light.

Heat, breaks into molecules of friction within this cavity and laces the heart into a sprint.

The edge tastes like sunshine somersaulting with the wind. I relish the screeching, anxious waiting as it melts like snowflakes on my tongue.

I lick the corners of my mind with thoughts so potent, they must be unreal. I must be moving too fast. I must be overreaching. I must be heading for disappointment. I must be mad.

This helplessly conditioned mind tangos with the light to a well practiced beat. Walls inch up and retreat like slick scratches on a turntable I can’t seem to control.

On come the army of voices.
Thundering, rhyming, rolling in a chaotic frenzy lacking that gentle sigh of grace. Sound, illusions, realities and dreams raise a desert storm, positivity strolls too far from the tower and loses range, the antenna weakens the mind as it spends itself in search of the very vibrations it can’t accept.

I lean over the palpitating edge, skirting all possibilities. Choice has never looked this powerful before.

Untying these heavy boots of fear, I let them roll off. Anything is game now.

Purpose grazes her hands under my chin, clouds appear under feet.

And I can walk.


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