8th November- The World is Blind


Dance. Swirl like a dream and sachet across this orb in a thousand graceful steps. Spin toward each corner like a hungry poet and write sonnets with your bleeding feet. Take all the time you need.

But Dance.

Foray into the afternoon and crack gold like a leprechaun in summer. Make sand of my waiting heart. I want to slip away.

Blind these callous onlookers with daggers of color shooting off of your heaving chest. That in their breaking tears you hear the music they lost so long ago. Smile. Let them rain on you, that each liberating drop chimes like a fallen star against the earth. You are sparkles shimmering into a tambourine of madness.

So Dance. Because I can find no words to sing you these thoughts tonight. The moon waits expectant for a hint of my song but the will escapes me.

Dance because I set you free.

Like you know no definitions. Mere traders you and I. Today I close these eyes against your wall and tell the world that I am blind.

If I don’t see you, you can’t find me.

So Dance. Like a whisper pointed toward the sky and watch it smoke promise into the cosmos. So existential this life, your thoughts make a city in the clouds and mine echo breeze in their hopeful nothingness.

This too shall pass.

Tonight, my mind can’t be conquered. So I give in to the nihilism you feed me. I ate your skeptic heart and my veins ring blue in the isolation, let’s then dance!

Before the song ends.


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