Love. Like feeling complete amidst papers and schedules and deadlines. Like pickles in summertime, and rum cakes for winter. And green tea as an afterthought.

Love. Like poetry that makes sense. Like fleeting whispers in your soul that leave you groaning, and moaning with a furious appetite to be bathed, consumed, and baptized, in other worlds. In sunshine. In timelessness. In words; marching gracefully together in a lustful trance… Conjugating…in Love.

Love. Like a feeble sigh you almost always miss. You could grow into a wheezing storm in my chest. And I’m afraid I would be okay with that.

…Love. Like the ocean that calls me. So helpless, I go weak with intoxication. Her fingers tug at the very strings of my soul that I left behind in her waters. She makes a puppet of me. Enraptured, I cave… Making my way to the only place that can ever put a finger on me. The only place that recognizes me. The only place that finds me.

Love…Like longing. Like being cased inside the yellow-gray mist of a future I know nothing of. To want to experience it all, and still, desperate to skip to the end, even if for a few captivating seconds of paused time.

Youth. Ironed skin. Endless time. And possibilities. Love.
Like you. I could write sequels ending in sequels of everything we could be. Love. So much a stranger. Like a cosmic sermon you explode.. so stellar, into my nothingness. Frighteningly real.

What if I give in? What if I allow the vacuum to spit me out. What if I let you in. Would you want it all?

Love. Like Silence. So painfully loud that my ears bleed from the absence.
Love. Like Hope. Like sunset that makes my breath fail me. Like alone. Not a feeling, but a state of being. In tall dark towers under charcoal skies. Love. Even in the midst of constant failing.

Love. Like an example. Of maybe, how it should be.

In silence. In chaos. In madness. In failing. To love you… A thousand times again.


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