My mind is not a coffer. It is amorphous and bold. Like a cloud it volcanoes through abyssal realms within my being and beyond.

My mind is not a tunnel. But a kaleidoscope of phantasmagorical chaos, so undulating that the closer you think you get, the further you really are.

If I am ever lost, this is where you’ll find me.

Exploding into colours of purple and thought, I become the Silence I seek. In here, I am whole. So glorious and infinite and complete. You can’t break me.

My mind is stardust scattered over moving space.
If I see a burning star I must be it. If I feel love, I must live it. And you?

If I ever see you, I hope we can glide.

I hope that we can rope in a tuft of air and drift through the galaxies of our consciousness, unbroken.

If I were to colour these words, I would name you Red. And I could be the stranger in the doorway.

Lavender, I break into a frenzy outside of this sphere. Not far beyond this copious dimension, I am fragmented, and not even you can make me whole.

Beyond this copious dimension, I am diffused and rambling. I stutter into a fall over my own words outside. Bright lights, heavy eyes, dead noise. There are no extensions that can reach me. Your fingers ghost through my skin and I am left gaping.

You want to fix me. I know. But for that, You will have to brave my mind.

My mind is not a coffer you can unlock and sift through. It is madness brimming with deathly Silence.

There is a language here. Shaping song from misshapen colours not laid out in orderly palettes so dry and jaded.
Like the echos you can’t follow, here I am, splashed against the clutter beneath your eyes.

Voiceless I retreat. Before I get left behind.



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