What are you. So bound to the earth yet distantly unearthly. I look up at you as the planet spins itself to that disconsolate time of day. When the earth’s creatures begin to come alive in zestful preparation to slow down the hours before this country loses the intimacy of the sun. Such is the liaison we witness everyday. You and I.

You’re going everywhere and nowhere aren’t you. Just like I am. The children impugn this space we share with their energies. They’re laughing. Playing. Running. They don’t understand yet that no form of vigor and vivacity can break this moment we share. This silence that domes us in, within the earth.

This is the only time in these absently labeled twenty four hours that we go nowhere. You, up there in the stillness of the approaching dusk, and I, within the quiet of my being.

But look at you. So comfortably distant from us all. Closer to the sun. Closer to the stars. And so close to the edge. I envy you sometimes. As I watch the Sun bathe your contours and see you soaking in the many colours of heaven. I envy you sometimes. When I see you light up so golden, white and gray. Yet always away.

I love how you change colours. From white to glitter and the gray you know I love so much. Like in those vast capsules of time when you are a reflection of my darkness, and you bleed out onto me. Pouring down on me through frozen air in a moment of bliss. So much bliss that I almost let a tear slip out in a sigh. Your darkness meets mine. Heaven meets soul. God meets mortal. I am touched by you as you spill out the sighs and wishes you soaked in from hopeful eyes looking up at you.

But I wonder…Can you see me?

You look so pleasant in the sunlight that I can almost see mythologies come alive in you. I want to tell you that there is something so pure about you today. Up there, cradled by the falling remnants of the leaving sun, that I can feel words light up in your name and touch you.

Yes. I envy you sometimes. Sometimes I’m weak with want to touch you and fall into you. To have you hold all of me and teach me to trust. Sometimes, I want to bottle a piece of you up, just so I know you’re mine. As much a part of the earth as me. But keeping you would kill the light of hope. Aren’t you the unattainable ladder to something more? How could I ever keep you.

Yes. I can say it today. That if it weren’t for you, I would be defunct. If it weren’t for you. I’d never look up and dream. If it weren’t for you, this here, this planet would be nothing but a vast and unending cage bound by Time.

But on evenings like this. When you and I are found encumbered by the crawling advent of the slipping sun melting into dusk, I feel you. Caged here, within this falsely labeled time, just like me.

Don’t give in today. Not this time. Don’t let the wounded sun bleed its ego into you today. Because just as you turn into clotted purple-orange splinters in the sky, a part of me shivers with some ancient haunting that still lingers at sundown. Don’t give in today.

Unless…You’re just as much in love with the night as me.


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