Look, there it falls through those heavy voluptuous clouds. Poof! Poof! Poof! Puffing out through the highest elevations you could never conceive of, go as high as you can, and think higher still, uncountably high. Poof! Poof! Poof!I know you feel something coming to an end in your bones, as you look gaping up, but you haven’t the slightest idea do you?

Look how the clouds break and gather, break and gather, bursting into little circles of smoke. Closer, closer. Closer still.


Look how my pride comes crashing onto this pavement, in this concrete street that is your heart. Let the dust clear and you’ll see. My pride. Dead from the falling. Dead from the abandon. Dead from the truth of it all. I offer it to you, in kindness.

Can you see it? How haggard it lies on your hard unloving lap. Finally ineffectual to me. Please accept my offering.
And watch aghast, as the a coterie of angels beat astounding drums in celebration. See how well the sky is lit. Hear it. The cheering. The chuckles. Feel their smiles as they pierce through your blinded existence. Here on earth. A place you could have taught me to love. By gones.

That’s my pride there, on your tainted, hard, and lifeless lap. Take it. And give it sanctuary in the hideousness that is your home. For truly I do owe it to you. I owe you this freedom, this felicity is owed to you. I owe you this jubilation. If it weren’t for you, I’d be as painfully mortal as you.

But look at me! Watch me surf through the clouds in your honour. Chasing butterflies. All for you. Catch these garlands of as they free from my wrists and fall. In your honour. Look how the clouds come down to take me. Look how your tears cannot break me. Look and let the dawning pageant how you did indeed, forsake me. But I owe this all to you. You are right.

I owe you one, two and a countless more.

Don’t let your jaws drop too far now. It’s true, I have un-clawed you. And with it, chipped my pride now keeling to its precarious end. Falling to its source- You. I am obliged. thank you.


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