Take me Somewhere Nice

Where I can lie in a warm blanket of light. Illuminated. Take me somewhere quiet. Where my heart races into a vacuous calm at the gated shores of your eyes. Take me somewhere nice. Where our whispers echo and bounce off the shimmering leaves of golden trees that house us. For one timeless day and an undying night. Take me there.

A place where I crawl helpless liquid across the curve of your lips. Crimson, your love braids powerful silken robes into the pores of the shaky canvas that is my love…Painting us in one still moment of soundless sighs.

Yes, take me somewhere nice. Where I can’t tell the difference between a kiss and an escaping shiver. Where your thoughts sing out in symphonies that illuminate the skies above us.

Take me somewhere nice, where a few questions can be answered. That I may plead for a cluing in, a ring of bells, a nudge, perhaps a sign from the universe telling me where destiny ends and my will begins.

Can I keep you? Can I keep you wrapped in what’s left of a heart that once was mine. Can I keep you here, so I can keep me from flying. Or can you keep me instead?

Just take me somewhere nice, before the melody crosses over, before time catches up with its long escaped prisoners, before we realise the moon will never travel, the sun will always rise, and the glistening calls of every day life can change our paths- letting direction supersede the ever failing idea of love we see our countless neighbors hold.

Take me somewhere nice before I wake up and quotidian needs poison us. There is more, surely there is.

Take me there.


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