It’s time to say something. It’s time to chafe out those grueling sullies that are the purest representations of you. It’s time to wash out all the alluring glitter that has been plastered and polished and sealed shut onto you; mendaciously soothing you into believing that all that rightness has got to be you. It’s time to stop throwing those hands up and and dig yourself out. You’ve got to be there. Somewhere. I believe. It’s time you do.

Its time to say something. Ask the potent clergy why god is man and not woman. Ask if it would depreciate the value of an entire gender, to kneel down to the emasculating prowess of a female supreme. Ask if a massive system of organized suppression would keel over, were ordains reversed.

It’s time to say something.

It’s time too maybe rise. Give in to the deafening anarchy within. Maybe it is true: This Camel mind must beget a Lion who roars and claws out all aching passivity and gives rise to the Child. Maybe it’s time for innocence. To forget the calculated sum of all numbers, where the heavy cold drops of rain are the sky’s passion and intensity, the smell of water on soil is everything real the world needs to be and the dancing trees, just magic and awe and a world still beautifully untouched. It’s time to let the world be a little untouched again.

It’s time to wonder too, What happens when there aren’t enough trees to save. Will those big mountains ever be climbed, will this back ever carry escape. Will forests ever be familiar and magical rivers ever be friends. Will the feet feel the rust, will these ears feel the cold and these hands never stop, flooding with the onslaught of inspiration, adventure and present time.

Will Time ever be current, or will it always be someday away and someday before. It’s time to wonder. If everything you ever dreamed of could be enough to brave you into making them happen. And will it be worth it?

It’s time to say something. To myself maybe. That these broken roads are never going to be enough, these timely mornings, this everyday place, this ladder, this abundance and lack thereof, this nothing living. This waiting. For you. For it. For touch. For love. For life.

It’s time to say something.

It’s time to question more and break open these insanely heavy vaults, it’s time to admit that this, right now, is not enough. It’s time to swallow down the choking and say it out loud. I want more. More sun. More miles. More love. More me.

More rain. More Skies. More mysteries. More fire. More practice. More truth. More real. More working dreams. More soul. More god. More universe. I want more. And it’s time to say it.


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