An Open Letter to Rakhi Kumar- Beyonce is great Role Model

Your concern for the well being of little American girls is respectable. Yes, child trafficking, is a painful fact. And Prostitution is not the most sort after occupation but hey (survival is a bitch and if you’re left with abusive parents and no education, sometimes, you don’t have the choice and you know what THAT DOESN’T MAKE THE PROSTITUTES BAD), Take that up with the men who PAY to have sex with these little girls and women. You know how they say “once the buying stops the killing will too” well Go Figure. But then I’m sure you would rather be of the opinion that all wild and free animals be caged for their own safety of course, and so should all little girls be kept safe- in respectable clothes clothes that don’t make them look sexual. Because I guess somehow, it’s not an intelligent enough thing to do?

Well this is where I get to the point- Beyonce is a GREAT role model for young women like ME. You know why? Because she tells me that I don’t have to care about people (very much like you) who will brand me for fully and completely loving myself and my body. She teaches me that I can dress the way I want to and that I shouldn’t have to feel bad about it if I like to express my style through smaller, tighter, translucent clothes. She tells me that there will be truck loads of women (quite like you) who wont blink an eye lid before branding me as asking for trouble without ever raising a finger at the man who was never taught that a woman’s body is not HIS. But HERS and HERS alone to do as she pleases with it.
You see, you may not understand what Beyonce is doing, and quite rightly put by you, she has been misunderstood. Only someone who thinks a woman’s body is for sale would believe that she is selling her soul to the devil by wearing that “sheer see through body suit with nipples on display”. What she’s doing is telling every girl not to give a fuck about people (quite like yourself). She’s telling girls who have to literally fight their way through societal perceptions and notions of what a woman should be, before they can even breathe a single breath of freedom to be just themselves, she’s telling us girls and women to be free. And to free ourselves from thoughts and opinions of people (so much like you). Because you see, men will buy sex, buy little girls for sex and lets not forget rape them too, no matter how old they are. No matter what they wear. And no matter what they do or don’t do. You see, don’t talk about the people who “lure young girls” into wanting to become like someone. Talk about the system that would even “*want* to lure a little child. Are you telling me that if Beyonce stops dressing in such a “demonic” fashion little girls will not be trafficked and raped and sold? Really?

Beyonce is a GREAT role model, because she is bold, she is a business woman and a singer and because she unlike some people (like you) would never brand another woman for doing what she believes in.

I would never want children, because I would have to bring them into a world that is filled with people (like you). But if I ever do have them, and they happen to be daughters, I will take them to a Beyonce concert and an Andrea Gibson show, I would talk to them about world politics and the Dalai Lama,I would speak to my daughters about being gay and straight and tell them that it is ALRIGHT. That NO ONE gets to tell them who they choose to love, and HOW much skin they need to show to be respectable because respect has nothing to do with the cloth you have on or NOT for that mattter.

I would show her all the toys there are and let her pick what SHE likes, a dollhouse or a set of hot wheels, and most importantly, I will teach her never to brand another person. I will introduce her to Nietzche and Muhammad Iqbal and tell her all about the agnostics and religions of the world. I will walk her through the struggle of women through the ages and show her how she gets the rights that she does, and I will tell her, NEVER. NEVER. To let another human being tell her that there’s something more important than honesty, and being true to oneself.
And then, I would tell her to live free. And never brand another human being and be a ROLE MODEL to other women by being herself, and proud of it. JUST LIKE BEYONCE.

Oh and PS: The nipples you can’t seem to get over are a costume, just because they look it, don’t make them real.

PPS: What happens to the little boys who get trafficked and raped? Who would you hold responsible for that? Lil Wayne?


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Rakhi Kumar- Beyonce is great Role Model

  1. Awesome, you. I’m not sure what this is in response to but this needs to be read by every man, woman and child that there is. While, I don’t think a few things are relevant in our country (unfortunately so) this needs to be read by all. We need to learn to respect women and men alike. Treat each other as human beings.

    I’m waiting for you to publish that book. All the best!

  2. respectfully disagree. She has made a living out of glorified stripping. You’re right, if she wants to it’s her choice, but it doensn’t make her a role model in my book. Surely the more aspirational thing is the women who make it without having to use their looks to reach the top? It’s a male world still unfortunately, so that makes it hard, but I’d rather respect and look up to the women who make it on talent alone, without selling themselves cheaply by shaking their ass. Maybe that’s just me.

    • 🙂 You are clearly the judge of what is a more aspirational thing to do for a woman.

      “Shaking our asses”. I guessing dancing and performing isn’t a talent in your country.

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