Surrender Love

Here we are. So far away from each each other. So unaware. So broken. Building. Breaking. Building. Yet, here WE are. And we don’t even see it.

Look at you crying in the corner, broken steps failing, broken hearts failing, and a broken soul. I used to feel you within me. Deep within the intangible soul charging against my insides, deep down where it hurts to know someone so close. Hurts to love someone so close. Where breathing hurts with all the love building up inside. And then we forget ourselves.

Look at me standing tall within my chaotic chambers. There is no glory here. Unrelenting, proud, bound to this rock. Look at me floating, with a self inflicted tether binding me to this planet. I am Zeus, I Prometheus, and I the eagle feeding off of everything real in me. But still, I feel you somewhere deep inside, where it hurts to know you, hurts to love you, and it hurts to fear losing you again. And then we forget ourselves.

There we are, in freedom bound. In darkness bound. And bound in the sweet entanglement of this love. How did we go so far away?

Is that you I see? A golden speck in the distance; my soul knows no time, no boundaries, but I still can’t reach you. Glowing there in the distance. So golden you, so golden I, tainted by our tragic pasts. But what is yesterday to those like us. Our journey continues to fill us up. How can we be so capacious, spread across the circumference of the earth, and yet so foolishly small. Come to me again.

I’ll let you go. Off into that wild pilgrimage to your soul. For I must pay homage too- to that which has been broken, that which has been shackled, and all that which was a part of timeless me, that I forgot. I will let you go, off into that wild pilgrimage to your soul, for I must journey there too. So I will. And then someday I’ll see you there- a beautiful golden speck in the distance, and I’ll make my way back to you. If you will make your way back to me.

So come to me again. Don’t make a stranger of me. Meet me again. Bodiless. Genderless. And true. Meet me again when we have forgotten all pride and I am formless, just like you, mining my grey rock into gold, tethering my way back to my soul. Tethering my way back to you. For how can it be any other way?

I come from you. So come to me again.


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