I Am*

I am a child of Darkness. Like the wind I float through existence, like a powerful chorus I rhyme through the woods of my life. I am forever Dark. For I cannot be seen. I come without a shadow. I come without a past. I come, heavy like a storm brewing for the centuries that Life has made man and man life.

I am an aching tooth. I throb and gnaw within the conforms of these cheeks. I do not belong.

I am the smoke that moves past you, like a whiff you either savour in, or shun away from, either way, we only cross paths, because I cannot stay, and you cannot keep me. I am the broken notes of an ailing piano; hurting for a string of chords to sooth its ears. I am the arrow, left caught in the trunk of an old tree, targeted over, and over again.

I am pages, waiting to be turned, but the pages seem glued. I am the soft tapping of tiny footsteps, growing bigger, day after day. I am an endless dream. Working in loops, giving you escape.

I am that song that takes you back to a time you knew me. I am the eyes that let you travel through the seamless ages that have been carved. Unknowing. Unaware. I am the fear, you will have to face. The fear you can leave behind. I am here for learning. Yours, and mine.

I am that energy, dark, and fleeting. I am that love, who will not stay, because you cannot see me.

I am not madness, I am just your light. Forever shining over your days. Reminding you of the warmth in our Darkness.

I am a tear left choking, gulped down by pride. I am the silent sigh, let out with closed eyes, and coupling with the wind, I float through existence. Like a powerful chorus I rhyme through the woods of my life. I am forever Dark. And forever I will be.

You can leave, because you came to leave.

*An old post i just felt like sharing


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