Weekly Writing Challenge

Picture Courtesy: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/writing-challenge-1000-words/


What would it take, to feel the sun survey the contours of this being and have it send down a dollop of blessing onto me. What would it take, to have these hairs stand up in prayer, fascinated, inspired and purely humbled at the magnanimity of its touch; bowing down at their roots.

What would it take for this fading pneuma to rise, get up and leave it all behind. Unpacked, unplanned and seeking. For this vacant mind to wake to thought again, and for this lost voice, to find direction.

What would it take.

How long before these well kept feet tattoo a crack for every new discovery this heart makes with its famished eyes. Before these toes step onto a pavement that once led this soul to a place called home, maybe not now, but from a thousand years ago. What would it take to feel that time again beneath this un-belonging being that is me, a place that once was mine.

When would it be, that I could feel the warmth of your quiet hand on the small of my back. What possible place in time would I have to skirt across rivers and streams to find you, there on that golden street, running to me, with your quiet hand on the small of my back, your traveling eyes anchored to my soul and your breath, filling the air around us with a timeless breeze; that I could be old, your hand still in mine, that I could be young, that I could just be, living out a thousand unlived destinies, furnishing them all with a dollop of sunshine and love for every life unfulfilled and untimely passed. That I could see a thousand oceans and have my heart skip each time, that I could live this final incarnation with the longing, substance and beatific ache of a sepia frame.

With magic. Smoking magic. Travel. And you.

What would it take.


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