Name me. Call me by the sweetest articulations your mind can find. Thread me along in confounding shibboleths that stick on and chisel me into the very neuron in your being. Intoxicate its every axon, enslave its every dendrite, and have them murder for the cursory concessions to have the syllables of my name touch their lips.

Fall apart when I’m not around.

Stretch me. To the highest elevations man-made and beyond. Let me lick the stars through your eyes and let me burn. Take to me to the top and have the earth give up her principles. She can be as nude as you. So let me.

Conjure up callous misgivings and let me look into these golden eyes long forgotten. Look back at me, through the endings of my name, that where its definitions end, I begin through the vulnerable whimper of your breath steaming the moling spec on the corner of my lip.

Look at me. We bring alive all fear of death, loving each day so maddeningly whole that we shed quiet trickles of castor tears; that it had to end. And that it ended with us.

Roll your eyes because it hurts to see, to feel and crave for the collective energies of our being collide within the ghettos of our veins, ah dive! Glide! Just give in to the anger.

Because my name, just my name isn’t enough. But how do you describe? And how I? What words strings and harmonious accapela can give rise to the volcano that throbs so fiery within these shallow calcium confines.

Give up, and slither into the soft impossibility that glimmers and shimmers and bolts so magnificently around our immortality.

Fly away. Because i want you to be free. Just as free as I envision myself to be.



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