There is a shattered
Glimmer fallen right
At my thawing feet.
So intangible
That once was
Fell apart too soon.

I’m left a-stare.
Not so warm to stretch out
Arms in a breath.
Not so unfamiliar
To walk away without
An unforgiving moan.

There are two visions.
And versions to this.
I hope the other
has patience.


One thought on “Impatience

  1. The light beckons but once
    Immersed in a capsule
    Time is indeed precious
    Patience rewards
    With lastingness
    That’s what they say

    Remember to take steady sure steps
    The path is worn and cumbersome
    Memories peek out from rotting trees
    Ahead looms a question

    If what is hidden is true
    If what is precious is inside you
    Why fret about fleeting things
    The soul already knows

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