Unhook the Stars

People have their own destinies. Sometimes, intertwined with yours, sometimes temporarily so. Everyone’s life seems to have some preordained course, marred by free-will, directed by free-will, and despite all attempts, when you watch someone else, as an observer, you see how futile it all is. Because everyone has their own destinies. Sometimes you see it, you see somebody and you know exactly where they’re headed, good bad, great, and all of it frightens you. If you come from the damp corridors that I do, then you know how difficult it is, to have things change. And so you hold on, real tight, to the people, and their destinies, thinking you can fight it all.

Time laughs and gives you a little time to accept, but the scarcity of the time left, makes you hold on tighter. You are so tired of being the one to be left behind. You are so tired of being the one who’s always been right where they’ve been.

Because everyone has their own destinies. But then what’s yours? Everyone seems to leave. Everyone with their own destinies, and time and time again, you find yourself arms weakly stretched out, with nobody around to hold your hand.

Where do you stand in it all, while everyone fights you, fights life and fights everything in the way to come closer to their destinies? Where do you stand? And then you wonder and frightfully so, that maybe that’s how it’s meant to be. You want to go, you want to discover, you want to see, but you let everything hold you back, just like you’ve been holding everyone with their destinies back. You’re afraid, you’re scared and you know that if things don’t change, if your freewill chooses inaction, you will always be here.

I’m tired of being left behind. I really am. But what am I willing to do about it?


One thought on “Unhook the Stars

  1. taken all i can, all that’s left is hell
    before i fall down, i push back
    hold on to myself
    reaching out my hands
    if anyone can see, please help
    the winds blow through me
    the angels confront me
    i am my own destiny
    breathe, my last breath
    my dreams at last
    it’s time for me to say goodbye
    step into this moment
    shock you with my comeback
    spiritual union takes control

    🙂 felt this song says it better…

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