You are so much More

Dear Masquerading Pumpkins,

I know he’s a boy and I know he feels like THE boy, but can I tell you something? You are so much more. You are so much more than the silly ideas you have of yourself. So much more than anything the world makes you out to be. You are beautiful. Sometimes your heart is like a child’s, as though a run in the park or a naughty prank could just make your day so much cooler. You are like a rubix cube running on batteries, constantly shifting, bursting into a string of colours, that sometimes make sense, and sometimes don’t. You are like the weeks before the rains, breezy, windy, damp and grey- breaking into sunlight at just the right moments.

You are beautiful you know.

You are not the silly girl you think you are. You are like a wise old lady these days, surprising me with company and words when I really need them. You are like that favourite aunt, sending me presents out of the blue. You are a friend.

You have seen things, that no one should, and you have felt things no one could. But you are a masterpiece of your choices. Standing tall, proud and successful. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

I am proud of you.

I know sometimes you feel incapable, maybe sometimes you don’t feel good enough. But girl, you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. You are every quiet girl, swimming in a madness that is hers alone, and you are still you, distinctly unique in your ways. You are a catch you know? Don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. Give yourself a chance.

And whenever things seem a little out of control, and dreams don’t work out the way you know you deserve them to, just remember, you are so much more. So much more than anyone could ever fathom. And no boy in this planet could measure up.

You are loved.

Your reclusive buddy,


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