I had a dream!

I’ve always had this vision..er.. dream?…urmm strange seed of an idea that I nurtured and cuddled under my little pillow every night while I went “myyy prrreeciioouussss”?…. well yeah, something like that, I have had a megalomaniac’s dream of flashing camera lights, paparazzi, microphones and questions. Now I don’t know what fateful night this idea was conceived in, but I do know that it’s been long, the dream has been pretty much unfulfilled, but the dream has LIVED ON!!! *Camera flashes again as she stands in an emphatic posture- grief-struck, yet holds head high*


Today, after months of disappearance, I found an old blog post that I was tagged on by my -OMG what’s this connection we share- friend, Mizz http://cupitonians.wordpress.com/, mentioning her has also made me realise I do not know how to tag people on this darn thing, ergo, disappearing from social world for months turns one into a socially unaware little.. erm.. bunny?

Annywayy, they do say dreams come true, they just don’t specify the degree of truth-err..ness in the dream you know? Honoured none the less by this tag, I now venture into responding to questions from probably my first ever Q&A session!! Woohoooo!!!! *Applause applause, camera! Camera! Camera! Blows air kisses as she walks down the read carpet* Siighhhhhhhh… no I am not star struck, whoever told you that is lying.

To “the questions”:

1) If you could solve one of the world’s problems, what would it be?

I believe mortals are trapped in this silly little blind world where the way you look seems anally important. Tis a problem. A big problem with the world, I would solve this. If I could of course.

2) What colour is your toothbrush?

Green, borderline grey with overused brushes. But I swear my teeth are clean.

3) Describe your perfect date (I stole this one from Addie)

Ugh.. boys! Dates! Pretentious time spent in anticipation of an expected outcome. Dates are overrated.
Surprise me.

4) If you could pick any job in the world and everything else that would worry you about it could be sorted out, what would it be?

You’re making me think girl. I’m going to pass this one. I like the oblivious bliss phase I’m in right now. Okay wait I know the answer to this actually. I would choose being a traveling filmmaker or writer as THE job where leaving Scooby behind, or anyone I happen to love behind won’t be a problem. Nope.

5) What is the best vacation you ever took?Why?

Haven’t done much, but my trip to Gokarna- Universal-Fucking-Love

6) When you’re upset, what do you usually do?

I sleep. Best getaway. You have GOT to try it!

7) If you could have an engaging conversation with someone (dead, alive, fictional etc) who would it be? What are you dying to ask them?

J.R.R Tolkien. – How do you give in to the madness inside. Is it worth it?

8) If you could pack up and leave right now, where would you go?

Paris.*says it her new found French accent*
Thus spake the Universe.

9) What is your hiding/ me place?

I’m always hiding. But if you’re talking about a physical place I need to go to to feel a little complete- it would be Book Worm my favourite book store.

10)If you could have any wild animal as a pet, what would you bring home?

I would bring a Tiger home, but then I would die of guilt and shame for having taken a free creature
and brought him here.. of all places: pollution, chaos and blindness.

11) Put a photo of the third book from the right on your bookshelf – technically not a question, still, humor me!

arre I cant take a pic but it’s this tiny little pocket thesaurus 😛


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