Sometimes I am

The Universe, sometimes it says
Be yourself, don’t be scared.

And I oblige.

Sometimes, I dont know who I am.
Sometimes, I find it hard to understand
Why I would do the things I do.

But  I never wonder why I did more than a thing, more than two.

Sometimes, I’m lost in the wilderness of the manufactured.
Sometimes, I am just a mirage,
Of the me I often sort after.

Sometimes, I cannot tell if I am real, or just a projection of everything you want me to be.
Sometimes I am just a lonesome heart, longing to be set free.
Sometimes I am a cage,
Limiting myself from all that I could be.
Sometimes I am circumstance,
Held back by seeming destiny.

Sometimes I am free will,
Going really really wrong.
Sometimes I am the incomplete chord,
Or a half written song.

Sometimes I am the road, with acres of seamless possibility.
Sometimes I am the rainbow gliding over a waterfall of cascading dreams.
Sometimes, I am the deer, that escaped, scot free.
I am the little rugby ball soemtimes, torn apart by teams.

I am the aftermath sometimes,
From an avalanche of pain,
I am the simple poetry that rhymes
Lying in a sloppy corner, on an open plain.

Sometimes I am amnesia.
And those times I don’t exist.
Sometimes I am an endless list
Of cease and desists.

The Universe says, be free, or die.
I try.
To Oblige.

But sometimes, I do not know,
Who these eyes look at,
And whose hands these are.
Sometimes I am whats left-
The memory of that once seen
Fallen Star.


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