It’s not you. It’s me!

Off late, Facebook has been facing a lot of wrath from me. I have not been able to stop about how much the changes are pissing the hell out of me. Now that’s not a pretty picture is it?

It wasn’t until about five minutes ago while I was venting on a friend’s wall [okay, well, that doesn’t sound pretty either, the painter in my head isn’t in a very sunny mood I guess] So anyway, it wasn’t until seven minutes [notice how accurate I’m being?] ago that I realised, maybe I’m spending too much time on that damn thing. No offense, I love facebook. The good lord knows it. Hell even Mark Zuckerberg knows it. I have these frequent images the painter in my head decides to scribble and flash like a cue card every time I log in for the fortieth time to Facebook, with Zuckerberg sitting in a big room with lots of ppl and huge screens where I’m one among a host of obsessive  longin-ers and they’re all smirking  “yup, there she is again right on time”, “Woops, she’s broken yesterday’s record people, she’s broken another one!”. Woohoo applause champagne bottles opening, okay maybe I give myself too much credit but that’s not a pretty picture either; hmm, I think this painter needs to retire.

So I think it’s time now, for a little break. I don’t know how to do this.I mean, I’ve left Facebook a few times before, but things are different now. years have passed, and understandably so, it’s just not that simple anymore.

So here I go:

Facebook my love,

This isn’t working. I mean, I know everything is great, it’s more than great, you’re always changing, I’m never on the same page for more than 3 minutes and we’re both growing together. It’s nice. Almost story-book-esque. But sometimes, you know how not everyone “likes” corny shit that people talk about, it’s just like that. This’s getting just a bit much for me to handle.  I think I’ve been spending way too much time with you. We’re together all the time, when I’m away you’re on my phone, when I’m gone for a day, I come back to all these things you want to talk to me about and it’s just, not what I’m looking for right now. 

I need a break…But you’ve gotta know it’s not all you.. really, it’s mostly me. I mean you’re awesome! Who wouldn’t want you.. but I think.. this is getting a little too serious and I’m not ready yet for this kind of a commitment. So let’s just cool off for a while yeah?

I just need some time away. Don’t send me any emails, don’t text, and please, don’t be sly and try to invite me to events you know I can’t help but respond to.

Thanks for understanding.You’re the best.

Yours, most obsessively,



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