The Classic Bad Boy

I have finally met my classic bad boy. Naughty, funny in a not so funny but hey you’re cute so it doesn’t matter kinda way, well…tasty looking and so full of himself that you think it’s probably unreal and yes, that little chemical X of  quiet insecurity that makes him so god damn perfect.

I skyped with him one night, and he sang to me, “I’m only gonna bre- bre- bre- break your heart” and oddly enough, that’s probably right when he got me. Sucks.

I’ve met a lot of jerks who think they fit the “bad boy” criteria well, but only end up looking like schmucks. This one, my first one of it’s kind, is the sort you cannot ignore, can’t shoo off and hell, definitely cannot hate.

He’s the kind you know will leave, because that’s what he’s like and you don’t know if it’s worth the effort to try and rope him in anyway. He’s good, hes great, he’s special but he’s “only gonna bre bre bre, bre break your heart” And you know, you don’t want to go down that road with him.

He’s not all platonic though.

There’s layers to him I probably wont be the one to find out see. And that’s just how he wants it.

He’s skimming over the top, in all the laughs and all the fun, it’s gotta be a task trying to get a good look at his eyes trying to see what lies beneath. But he’s not interested, and then, neither am I.

What makes us work well, is timing. See I’m not ready, and he, probably never will be. And that as it seems, is a perfect match for temporary bliss. He’s alright though, our total disconnect makes the sudden banter almost playfully interesting.

Funny how it takes a boy like him to swim out into words that get inscripted on my blog. But I guess,  every girl needs to meet her bad boy, and it looks like I’ve met mine. One more of these and I might just have to write a book.

To my classic bad boy- you added to all the splashes of colour that this monsoon brought along with it. I bid you adieu, once again maybe, in another lifetime.

Until then, continue to swim in the sweet bubble of your many bongs. And hey, while my heart’s firm in place, [your mutant magic wasn’t that powerful after all], but try not breaking too many hearts along the way. 😉



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