To Anna’s Little Champions

Well, you did it. Stood up, stood your ground, and fought for your way.

I don’t know what will happen in the parliament, but I suppose now, I wont see you paying off a cop for no fault of yours. I suppose I won’t catch you breaking the law. Maybe now, you’ll get through to college without donations, get your hall tickets without paying up. I guess now if you fail your exams, you fail your exams; without finding some professor in the university to buy into clearing your paper. You’re too resolved against corruption for that yeah?

I like where this is going.

I hope to find the lot of you pelting stones at an Empire or any restaurant you find open after eleven in the night, you do know they pay the cops to be able to stay open don’t you? But since you’re into starving yourselves, and lighting candles, I guess these restaurants will witness, many an empty nights, haloed by your quiet candles, symbols of how much you despise the dark and deceitful corridors of our corruption.

I hope now, our streets will have drivers and riders who have really earned their licenses, buses where every passenger gets a ticket, new houses that get their water supply without bribing the concerned organisations. I know you will go thirsty and dirty than pay someone up to get your work done. I have never seen a more resolved lot than you, and boy, I am in awe.

Now that we’ve all come together like never before, I suppose no more downloading movies off the internet then? No more songs off the net, now that we’re fighting corruption, why not add stealing off the internet to it too? I guess we have to give up our ways and I’m really proud to know your kind for being this… how shall I say it? Determined to set things right yes?

Good. This is good.

So tell me, the thousand, hundred, fifty odd people appointed to see the country bribe,corruption and flea bag free, are people like you yeah? People who don’t pay to get their work done. People who would rather die than take a little extra money. People who don’t dream of owning three houses with their government salaries? So next time you’re asked to pay to get your papers, to get into some place or out of it I guess you’d rather stay put, than get your work done with money. You’re sure right? Really?

Well that’s good too then.

So what will your next battle be? Tough exams? Heavy school bags for kids? How about we fight for the preserving of our culture and traditions? Don’t you think we’re losing our identity? How can we let that happen? Next time one of you is convinced beyond reason that women should NOT be working, but should be at home, looking after the holistic development of their families, I urge you to please, stand up for your believes, show up on our social networking sites and catch the nods of our many hungry thirsty rebellious youth, craving for a battle.

So yeah, Anna’s little minions, you’ve done it.

Forget about the North East of our country, still struggling to be noticed. Forget our farmers, forget child trafficking, hell, why don’t you conveniently forget the fact that it’s you who facilitates, breeds, harbours, feeds and nurtures corruption.

I know you’re looking within. And I know, that because of you, Little Champions of Anna, I will never have to pay above the meter for an auto again. I won’t ever have to worry about not having the funds for a medical seat. Nor will I have to worry about keeping my shop open if I don’t pay the hafta.

Sure, it was nice, the stint. We all need a revolution. I know we want to stop corruption. But tell me please, what do you know about this drive you so faithfully participated in, apart from the two key words: Anti Corruption.

Are you sure you did the right thing? Tell me, do you finally feel good about yourselves?
The time now really is to see How much of Anna you really are. I certainly am nothing like him.


One thought on “To Anna’s Little Champions

  1. I’ve always felt there is a balance
    For every good there is an evil avalanche
    Sitting still has not been much to boast about
    News flash and I’m left wondering
    “What next?” “What if it was me?”
    Cannot fathom the shame, the pain, the fear
    But I’m already here
    Locked up in my room
    While outside wolves roam in search of prey
    And innocents live on the roadside
    With nowhere to stay

    I always thought there was a balance between light and darkness
    I was wrong

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